We are Hiring - Flexographic Printer

Job Description for skilled Flexographic Printer

Working a continental shift 2 days (7am-7pm) and 2 nights (7pm – 7am) – 4 days off

Excellent salary dependant on experience + overtime + production/quality based bonus

Company pension

Personal skills

  • Experience in running 8 colour flexographic printing presses, preferably Comexi or W & H.

  • Good team player.

  • Able to work from own initiative.

  • Hard working and reliable.

  • Must be able to pass a colour blind test.

  • Good basic English and Math skills.

  • Be able to physically carry out all manual duties


  • To ensure that all tasks and duties comply within the health and safety regulations for the department.

  • To take responsibility for one’s own safety.

  • To help maximise productivity from the printing press by assisting the printer as efficiently as possible.

  • To comply with all the regulations regarding B.R.C. as found in the contracts of employment.

  • To follow all company policies regarding breaks, smoking procedures, holidays etc. at all times


  • To operate the shift change over as smooth and effectively as possible, ensuring at least a five minute talking over period.

  • To do a quality check as soon as the shift begins on running jobs to make sure everything is in order and correct to FTR / laysheet.

  • To complete all paperwork on every job before filing job away for sample checking.

  • To achieve the best printing order and unit selection for the next job on press allowing for minimum sleeve and wash off times.

  • To input data into the press under the relevant customer records

  • To rack out printing decks to allow for the quickest and most effective wash off procedure to take place. Any seals, blades and inks should be changed at this time.

  • To input the sleeves and anilox’s into the press in the correct order of printing.

  • To rack in the appropriate units into the press, checking all pipes, blade chambers and surrounding areas for likely causes of problems.

  • To continue with the set-up including register, colour match, C. I. clean and general tidy up until the job is ready for checking off.

  • To pass off the printed job including all quality checks, ink pass offs on the x-rite system and then gain a second approval by a print supervisor or senior printer.

  • To run the passed off job to the highest quality at the fastest speed possible. All reel end samples are to be checked and then double checked and signed for. At this stage you are signing for the responsibility of that reel so make sure that all checks are carried out correctly. Report any discrepancies to a supervisor for the best corrective action to be taken.

  • To get the next job’s make ready done whilst the current job is in production.

  • To check all reels for correct treatment at the beginning and end of each reel.

  • To obtain a high level of housekeeping in and around the press at all times, reporting any problems to the print supervisor or an Engineer.

  • To clean the Central Impression Drum at least once in a shift.

  • To record all meterages, scrap and weight for every job on all relevant job sheets and reel tickets.

  • To use minimum amounts of ink and solvents at all times in running and wash-off.

  • To leave the press at the end of a shift in a clean and tidy state.

  • To cover holidays on the machine that you are working on. At least two weeks notice is required and cover must be arranged before holiday forms are approved. Special Circumstances are not included.

  • To double check work other printers

  • To complete any other duties required to full fill the role of Printer as requested by the Senior Management.

To apply for the role send CV’s to

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